ROCK AND ROLL began with the songbird voice and wild gyrations of Elvis Presley, but it came of age when the British pop groups invaded America led by The Beatles in 1964.
The world would never be the same. The youth movement was launched, girls swooned and fainted at the sight of Paul 
McCartney shaking his moptop and older generations were 
outraged.  But rock and roll was here to stay.

In The Year the Music Died
author Dwight Rounds takes 
us on a trip through those times,
the hey days of great pop music 
from 1964 to 1972, by reminding 
us of things long forgotten, testing 
our memories with trivia and letting 
us reminisce about what it was like 
back in the day . 
It is written for non-musical music lovers and treats the subject with a wry humor and a very different perspective than most other music books. The author pokes fun at musicians and some of the events of the time, which most music books tend to revere. 
If you still listen to that music every day, as the author does, loved the music forty years ago, but have moved on (like most normal people) or want to learn why so many people from all ages love this music, this book is a must have for you or your kids who seem to find the era almost as compelling as we did.

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Which are your favorite 3 groups among these?Byrds
Rolling Stones
Beach Boys
Mamas and Papas
Led Zeppelin
Dave Clark Five
Simon & Garfunkel
Jimi Hendrix Experience
Bob Dylan
Crosby Stills Nash (& Young)
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Do you recognize these two?  
Can you imagine seeing these three groups in one sitting?
Jimi Hendrix at Monterey Pop photographed just as another spectator.  This was before anyone knew who he was.  

Nice hat, Keith 
It is rare to see the old 45 covers anymore, especially this one.  The album covers live on with the CDs.  
One of the greatest albums ever, with no "skip over" songs
The photos are mirror images, with John and George showing as left handed, and Paul, right. 
Which are your favorite 3 songs among these?Stairway to Heaven
A Day In The Life
Good Vibratons
Hey Jude
Turn Turn Turn
Norwegian Wood
Like A Rolling Stone
Bridge Over Troubled Waters
For What It's Worth
Fortunate Son
Bad Moon Risin
Honky Tonk Women
Light My Fire
Somebody To Love
You Really Got Me
Do You Believe In Magic
California Dreaming
I'm A Believer
Born To Be Wild
Won't Get Fooled Again
Heart Full of Soul
00 on handLast concer
Last concert, also with Bobby Hebb.  The stadium was half empty.